Once Again Back Is The Incredible F-O-R-C-E!!! WICKS! FLAMES! HEAT! BLAZE! It's Your Time To Shine!!!! Once Again Back Is The Incredible F-O-R-C-E!!! WICKS! FLAMES! HEAT! BLAZE! It's Your Time To Shine!!!! Once Again Back Is The Incredible F-O-R-C-E!!! WICKS! FLAMES! HEAT! BLAZE! It's Your Time To Shine!!!!


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Coach Nadaya Watson

Coach Nadaya has been affiliated with the cheer world for over 10 years . She has done almost everything from being a spectator, a participant,  to becoming a coach . Coach Nadaya has experience working with individuals between the ages of 5 and 18.  Nadaya has cheered for multiple teams including Diamond State Wildcats Allstars, Cheer Force Allstars, Christiana High School, and Delaware State University. During this time she has earned multiple first place, state, and national championship titles.  She has been coaching for 7 years and knows what it takes to have a successful team. She brings to Cheer Force creativity, personality, and structure . Coach Nadaya's goal for CFA is to build  relationships within the organization, to establish teamwork, and to achieve a common goal which is to have fun and THEN win!!!



Coach Daria Word

Daria Word's love for cheerleading began at a very young age cheering in elementary school through high school. Daria is a member of the Delaware Cheerleading Coaches Association, and coached elementary and middle school level cheerleading teams at Reach Academy for Girls Charter School. During her tenure at Reach Academy, she lead two teams to winning 2nd place at the 2014 Cheer for Charity Competition held in Wilmington, Delaware. Daria also led the elementary team to winning the 2015 Delaware State Cheerleading Championship. In the 2016 season, she assisted in coaching the Christina School District Recreational team, leading them to winning the 2016 Delaware State Cheerleading Championship. 


Coach Joanna Repella

Joanna Repella is a coach for the new special needs all star cheer team, she also helped coach the Delaware stars which  was a special needs team a few years back, Joanna has stayed active in the cheer world  with her daughter  who cheered for  varsity  and all star teams.    Joanna was also the executive director for the Miss Christiana Scholarship Organization a local preliminary for the Miss Delaware and the Miss America Organization. Her love for children is no secret Joanna, has owned and operated her daycare for the past 21 years . I motto She lives by.  "A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."


Coach Kierra Watson

Coach Kierra has had a passion for cheerleading since she was a little girl. She has been cheering for 16 years. Kierra started her cheer career cheering recreational, with NCCFL. She then transitioned into All-Stars where she cheered for Diamond State Wildcats.  This is where her cheer career sparked. She won a National Champion title performing an individual routine in Orlando, Florida in a division with 10 other athletes. She also was also a member of the program she currently coaching for, Cheer Force All-Stars where she won two State Championships back to back. She cheered in high school at Christiana High School, where she has won two State Championships and one National Championship. Her senior year she was the captain for the football and competition cheer teams. She also cheered in college at Wilmington University and has won two National Championships back to back as well. She loves teaching everything she has learned over the years to younger girls and helping them become the best cheerleader they can be!